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What a great article, thank you for sharing. There is a great need at this time to "wake up" and we are! Unfortunately in our western society have been conditioned away from our natural good health, away from who we really are. Our experiences, from a very early age, our parental conditioning have a major part of who we think we are.

Our beliefs are the assumptions we make about ourselves, about others in the world and about how we expect things to be. These programs become deeply ingrained in our unconscious mind. We then take them forward into our life and they become part of our personal belief system, creating our living reality, which is an illusion.

Our parents views, values and beliefs, and later the views, values and beliefs of others, such has as teachers and close family members become deeply ingrained in our psyche, and we take them on as our own beliefs and values. We are victims of victims. This is our programming, our conditioning that we have to break. The question is do any of us know who we really are? In order to balance your bodymind system you have to clear the emotional luggage from the past. It is very difficult to balance body, mind and spirit if you are holding onto negative emotions such as, fear, hurt, sadness or guilt.

No one can "fix you" healing starts from within, the decision to become more aware that your life is not flowing in the direction you want it to, to become aware of old patterns of behaviour that repeat, to make the choice to change. It can be a little scary, but once on that path of self discovery there are no stop signs! Love and light...
(I love your photo of the stones, may I ask where you get it from?)

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